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Sales Development

Business in recent years has taken on many new and complex dimensions, and this trend is likely to continue. The field of sales has also seen some dramatic and far-reaching changes. Today's salesperson, as well as today's buyer, is better educated, more informed and has more options than ever before. These changes have created new, exciting and challenging possibilities in every organization. Sales Development is significantly different from sales training. In training, knowledge is transferred from one person to another. Development occurs only when knowledge is internalized, creating a behavioral change that leads to the expression of positive, results-oriented skills.

Today's business is sales-driven and today's salesperson is a key link to success in business. One element that distinguishes profitable companies from non-profitable companies is their ability to better develop their salespeople. The result is salespeople who sell because they want to excel, and succeed because they understand why and how to utilize their knowledge. The Sales Development process not only makes sales development possible, but eminently profitable.

Key Areas:

  • Success in Sales
  • The Buying/Selling Process
  • Your Personal and Professional Growth
  • Prospecting Fundamentals
  • Planning Your Success Part I
  • Prospecting: Advanced Techniques
  • Communication Skills
  • Getting Appointments
  • Planning Your Success Part II
  • The Introduction
  • Gaining Favorable Attention
  • Discovering Wants and Needs
  • Building the Case for Action
  • Presenting Benefits and Consequences
  • Getting Commitment and Follow Up
  • Overcoming Obstacles for Continued Success in Sales

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