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What Clients Are Saying...

Organizational Comments

“As a result of the program, I am using the goal setting to drive my new business activity, and I am clearly much more comfortable in that role, as well as more effective.”

“You helped us establish our vision, our mission, and importantly, got us to roll up our sleeves and get down to the tough task of addressing our specific critical goals and the action steps we need to take.”

“I would like to thank you for this excellent opportunity you have given me, to be a part of the Management training classes each Tuesday. These classes have shown me the importance of a leader, to be a good communicator and motivator to my subordinates. In the past I had a cloudy vision knowing what I wanted, but not quite knowing how to get there. S.M.F.B. has given me the navigation tool that I needed. This tool has provided me with a good sense of direction. Once again, thank you for this opportunity.”

“Things are different around here; People are now working together in a collaborative way I didn't see before; This place is alive all of a sudden! When I came in here two months ago the place was like a morgue! Now there's a buzz, an excitement that is permeating the place. What did you do?; The difference is palpable.”

“It brought an awareness to all of us about the way we handle employees and attempt to motivate them to peak performance.”

“The management program gave me direct access to the answers I'd been searching for!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me change my business attitude through your Leadership course. Your process taught me that I must first learn to lead myself before I can learn to lead others. The goal planning section has helped me know where I want my business to take me in the future. Your sincere concern for my business success is what set you apart from other consultants.”

“There is no question that a spirit of unity exists on our team at this time; I attribute much of this spirit to the leadership training you provided.”

“Today we are much more organized in both our professional and personal lives, we're more focused and goal oriented, and we're spending our time doing what really matters.”

“The attitudes of the supervisors that attended the sessions improved immediately. I have never before had staff come up to me and say that they couldn't wait for the next session as I experienced on several occasions with your training.”

“You customized the course content to meet our specific needs, effectively accomplishing the learning objectives.”

“Your course took us from step to step through a difficult, challenging process with excellent organization and ease.”

“I am confident this group of salespeople will be light years ahead of any new salespeople who haven't had the benefit of your eight-week process to kick off their careers!”


Personal Comments

“This course made me very aware of myself!”

“Your coaching has allowed me to really embrace the RAC process and I've grown so much on a personal level. I truly believe that everyone needs to have this experience. I no longer feel like I have to sell something, which truthfully scared me. The words “being able to help improve the lives of others,” is no longer a hope and a marketing statement, it is a reality. I am so grateful that you offered to be my coach. I know I have much to learn and the little I have learned so far has certainly made a marked improvement in my life as well as the people I care about.

A simple thank you doesn't begin to cover my appreciation but I'll say it anyway. THANK YOU!!!”

“The course was everything, and more, than what I had hoped for. More importantly, however, it was your professionalism, and integrity to the principles of the course, that had an even greater impact on it's success.”

“This is something that I have not seen done in all my previous leadership training programs. It of course goes without saying none of this fine material would work without your effective and thoughtful presentation. Your knowledge of the literature and real world experience added a real depth and texture to the presentations.”

“I found it a very positive and personally rewarding experience.”

“These days it's rare to have an outside consultant exceed the expected results, however, your training has done just that.”

“The material is relevant and succinct, but more importantly highly energizing and engaging.”

“Your one-on-one facilitation skills have provided me the needed direction that I required to meet my growth objectives.”

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