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"The annual cost of employee theft is $200 billion"

Orion Pre-Employment Assessment

Concerned about workplace theft & drug attitudes?

Are you faced with an increased number of new hires who are tardy, absent, fail their drug screenings and generally have a poor work attitude?  Employers throughout the nation are discovering the work ethic and integrity of the applicant pool is very different from five or ten years ago.

Pre-employment assessments are the best way to identify the attitudes, behaviors and work ethics of job applicants prior to your selection decision...and we invite you to learn more about the ORION Pre-Employment Survey.

ORION detects the following attitudes, behaviors and work experiences:

  • High Tardiness & Absenteeism
  • Supervisory Attitudes
  • Safety Attitudes
  • Employee Drug Use
  • Employee Theft
  • Training Attitudes
  • Customer Service
  • Competitiveness
  • Sales Attitudes

Organizations such as Wal-Mart, Office Max, Samís Club, Lord & Taylor, The Bombay Company, Park National Bank, and American Eagle Outfitters are utilizing ORION to evaluate and identify the applicants who will make a positive contribution in their organization.

The ORION Survey is simple to administer, scored on your PC, and is cost effective.  Results include a detailed interview guide with legal, open-ended questions.

Finding skilled labor is challenge enough...prescreen the applicants who will create challenges for you down the road.  Call our office at (740) 824-4842, or e-mail to info@StrategicPlanningSuccess.com to learn more about the benefits this survey could provide to your company.

Print out this flyer for additional information.

Orion Systems Information Flyer - click here

80% of turnover is due to hiring mistakes. Orion will help you decrease turnover. ORION will have a positive impact on your organizationís turnover rate!

 Donít hire without first knowing the candidate!

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