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Do It Yourself Strategic Planning Process

 Do you have a strategic plan for your company?



any companies don't think they need one…or that they are too small…Or they will get to it someday.  Don't fall into this trap it could be deadly. 

A recent study by the Association of Management Consulting Firms found that executives, consultants, and B-school professors all agree that business strategy is now the single most important management issue and will remain so for many years.  “We are seeing strategy make a real difference,” says Gary Sorrell, a well-known strategist in the United States.  “Strategy has become a part of the main agenda of many successful companies today.”

A good strategic plan will catapult you, your people, and your company into the futureInto Success.  The power of an effective strategic plan is really showing itself in many organizations. At one company after another strategy is again a major focus in the quest for higher revenues and profits.  With help from a proven strategic planning process, companies are pursuing novel ways to hatch new products, expand existing businesses, and create the markets of tomorrow.  These companies are posting increased sales, decreased employee turnover, improved employee moral and record profits and growth.

Businesses don't plan to fail…They fail to plan

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Executive strategic planning text, workbook, support, and audio.

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Plus as a special bonus I will include:

  1. Implementation Manual - (print and put into a binder) ($250 Value)

  2. Program Flow Chart ($50 value)

  3. Agenda Layout and Training Schedule ($50 value)

  4. Kick Off Introductions ($50 Value)

  5. Kick Off Notes ($50 Value)

  6. How It All Fits Together Outline ($50 Value)

  7. Power Point Presentation with Over 30 slides ($250 Value)

  8. Executive Interview Questions ($75 Value)

  9. Strategic Planning Questions - WOTS UP Analysis ($125 Value)

  10. Strategic Planning Sales Letter - for print, e-mail blast, or broadcast fax ($225 Value)

  11. 4 - stages - PDF format

  12. Audacious Goals - PDF format

  13. Change - PDF format

  14. Strategic Planning Schematic - PDF format

  15. Executive Strategic Planning Steps For The Process - PDF format

  16. Action Steps Form - PDF format ($400 value)

  17. Kick Off to correspond with slide show - PDF format ($200 value)

  18. Strategic Thinking and Business Planning Sales Flyer ($225 value)

  19. Competitive Analysis Form ($50 value)

  20. Do you need a strategic plan Sales Letter ($225 value)

  21. Segment Analysis Chart ($50 value)

  22. Market Segments and Opportunities ($50 value)

  23. DISC profile assessment for you ($75 value)

Over $2,100 in bonus support material.   Order now

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