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Dynamic Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge:

Attract And Keep The Customer

 Companies are scrambling to attract, keep and satisfy the customer of the new millennium.  Contests, incentives and sales abound all in an effort to gain the customer.

 Everyone is talking about exceptional service, but how do we get it?

Dynamic Customer Satisfaction

A process seminar designed to provide the foundations necessary to achieve, maintain and increase exceptional service.

 This one day seminar will challenge your attitude.  It will set and lay the foundation for a dynamic customer plan.

The rules have changed

 How many people are attracted by price?  This introductory module compares the old rules on quality, price and service with the new rules.  Research will challenge and change your thinking.

Foundation 1:

The Internal Customer

Who?  The employee?  Yes.  Research shows that a satisfied internal customer is connected to external customer satisfaction and profits.

Foundation 2:

The Exceptional Customer Attitude

The internal customer must be trained to give exceptional service.  It doesn’t just happen.  This foundation identifies the process necessary to develop employees armed with an exceptional customer attitude.

 Foundation 3:

Customer Friendly Systems

 Slow systems and long waits send an “I don’t care” message to your customer.  Do your systems support your customer mission?


 After this seminar, your team will understand that dynamic customer satisfaction doesn’t just happen it is the result of an intense focus and plan.  Your team will know the task ahead and then in follow-up meetings begin to lay the plans for exceptional service.


Call for more information: Sorrell Associates 740-824-4842

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